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06/08/04 04-64

06/08/04 04-64


June 8, 2004

Subject:     June 8 Arrest Summary During Biotech Convention

The SFPD made 33 arrests today during the biotech convention at Moscone Center today.  The arrest breakdown is 24 citation arrests at 4th/Howard for 21954(a) CVC, Blocking traffic, and 2800(a) CVC, Failure to disperse.  In addition to these 24 citations, there were five felony and four misdemeanor arrests, as follows:


of Arrest


 670 Howard St


 245(c) PC, Assault with a Deadly Weapon other than a firearm on a police officer
 New Montgomery/Market


 664/212.5 PC, Attempted robbery
 New Montgomery/Market  


 245(a) PC, Assault with a deadly weapon/243(b) PC, Misdemeanor battery
 New Montgomery/Market 


 243(b) PC, Battery on a police officer;         
 New Montgomery/Market         


 594 PC, Malicious mischief


 21954(a) CVC, obstructing traffic; 2800(a)CVC, refusal to disperse; 148 PC, Resisting arrest, misdemeanor

The SFPD began making additional arrests about 7:00 P.M. as protestors converged at 5th and Market streets and refused orders to disperse.  These arrest figures will be announced later tonight as they become available.  There will be a media briefing at OES, 1011 Turk Street, tomorrow, June 9, at 6:30 A.M.

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