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02/13/07 07-015

02/13/07 07-015

SFPD badge


February 13, 2007


San Francisco Police Department Enforcement Of Immigration Laws

Recently, the Police Commission requested clarification during one of their meetings about the role of members of the San Francisco Police Department in enforcement of immigration laws. The purpose of this press release is to clarify the Department's role.

The City and County of San Francisco is a  City and County of Refuge and a  Sanctuary City. Members of the San Francisco Police Department are responsible for enforcing state and local criminal laws. By virtue of San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 12H and Police Department General Orders, members of the San Francisco Police Department are prohibited from contacting or stopping individuals solely because of their immigration or perceived immigration status. Members of the San Francisco Police Department do not enforce immigration laws and do not assist any other agency in enforcing immigration laws.

All persons, regardless of their immigration status, have a right to receive essential city services. Anyone who is the victim of a crime, or has information about a crime, or is in need of any other service provided by the San Francisco Police Department, is encouraged to contact the SFPD.

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