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October 2, 2010 (Special Meeting)

Seal of the City and County of San Francisco



Saturday, October 2, 2010

10:00 a.m.

Embarcadero #4 Conference Center

Promenade Level

Dr. Joe Marshall

Thomas Mazzucco
Vice President

Petra DeJesus

James T. Hammer

Angela Chan Commissioner

Carol Kingsley 


Lt. Joe Reilly

1. Group Agreements and Overview of the Day. [Discussion]

2. Police Commission Mission Statement and Rules of Order. [Discussion and possible action] Discussion regarding whether the Commission’s Mission Statement and Rules of Order are current and match Commission objectives; possible action to update each accordingly.

3. Responsibilities of the Police Commission. [Discussion and possible action] Discuss individual perceptions, find commonalities, and develop a working vision for strengthening relationships. Discussion regarding the following topics; possible action to set individual responsibilities for Commission members.

  1. Role of the Commissioner (individual and group)
  2. Relationship with the San Francisco community
  3. Relationship with Police Department and Chief
  4. Relationship with OCC and Executive Director
  5. Communication and Protocol
  6. Relationship with Media

4. Develop Objectives of the Commission (to serve as guide in setting priorities). [Discussion and possible action] Discussion and possible action to develop Commission objectives.

5. Prioritize Areas of Concern & Develop Progress Plan. [Discussion and possible action] Discussion and possible action to:

  1. Develop criteria for determining Commission priorities
  2. Develop understanding of how to address unexpected, urgent matters
  3. Prioritize and establish Commission goals
  4. Develop measurement for determining if Commission is advancing its goals

6. Discuss Communication and Protocol with the Chief of Police and OCC Director. [Discussion and possible action]. Discussion and possible action to set communication and other protocols with Chief of Police and OCC Director.

7. Reflections on Retreat [Discussion] Discussion regarding Commission strengths and areas for improvement

8. Adjourn.

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