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Crime Bulletin: 07-039

Crime Bulletin: 07-039

Attempted Homicide / Shooting
07-039 03/21/07

Suspect 1Suspect 2
Suspect #1 Suspect #2

Suspect #1 HM, 15-18 years, 5'06", 100-110 lbs, round face, eyebrows waxed, rough skin puffy cheeks, (possibly suffering from Cushings Disease which causes facial bloating.) Victim thinks suspect #1 could be female. Last seen wearing black Baseball cap, turned backwards, white crew neck t-shrit, front zippered black jacket, and black nylon pants.

Suspect #2: White female, or Hispanic Female, 15-18 years, 5'06" 100-110 lbs. high cheekbones, waxed eyebrows, large bump in mid forehead. (possibly from Cushings Disease.) Last seen wearing charcoal gray, thin ribbed ski cap, black sweat suit.

Vehicle: balck sports utility vehicle, 4 drs. with tinted windows & large tires. Rear back door swings from side hinge (not drop down type) & gray running boards.

On 02/12/07, at 1847 hours, vicitms were at home and answered a knock on the front door. Victim #2 opened the door with Victim #1 standing behind her. Suspect #2 asked for "Kim". Suspect #2 stepped inside and suspect #1 appeared. Victim #1 immediatel ran toward the rear of the house. Victim #2 was still by the door when suspect #1 produced a (possible Mac10) machine gun. Victim #2 slammed the door and ran when numerous shots were fired into the residence. Suspects fled in above described vehicle.

Please contact Inspector Ned Totah

SFPD General Work Detail: 415-553-1095
SFPD Operations Center: (after hours) 415-553-1071
SFPD Anonymous Tip Line: 415-575-4444
SFPD CASE # 070 156 912

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